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A Letter From Michael Mihalik

Dear reader,

Would you like to experience the freedom of being debt-free and financially secure?

I’d like to teach you how.

I accumulated a huge amount of debt using credit cards and other loans to live a lifestyle I couldn’t afford.  It wasn't long before I felt like I was suffocating in debt.

I tried to budget but it didn’t help.  Then I made an important discovery - before I could change the way I handled my finances, I had to change the way I thought about money.  I came up with ten ideas and techniques that allowed me to gain control of my finances, pay off my debt, and create financial security.

Debt is Slavery: and 9 Other Things I Wish My Dad Had Taught Me About Money takes a unique approach to personal finance by focusing on changing the way you think about money.  The book uses my personal experience to illustrate the ten lessons that literally transformed my life.

Imagine how it would feel if you were debt-free and financially secure.  It can be a reality.  All you have to do is change the way you think about money.

Michael Mihalik

In the past, Americans were taught to avoid debt, but lately we have been persuaded to embrace it.  The process starts early—high school students receive pre-approved credit cards although their only income may be from babysitting or mowing their neighbor’s lawn.

Debt has become an accepted part of our everyday lives.  People don’t realize that embracing debt subjects them to financial servitude—a form of slavery—in which their bills determine when and how much they work, often at jobs they don’t even like.  We no longer learn the basic lessons about money that are the foundation of financial security.

The result?

U.S. consumer debt continues to hit all-time highs, real estate foreclosures are soaring nationwide, and the American family is under a level of financial stress that hasn’t been seen for generations.

Can anything be done to help?

Debt is Slavery: and 9 Other Things I Wish My Dad Had Taught Me About Money, by Michael Mihalik, offers hope.  The book describes the ideas and techniques that Mihalik personally used to gain control of his finances, pay off a paralyzing amount of debt, and create financial security.

Debt is Slavery takes a unique approach to personal finance by focusing on changing the way people think about money.  The author uses his personal experiences to illustrate 10 lessons that will transform the reader’s relationship with money, so they too can gain control of their finances and experience more fulfilling and prosperous lives—free from the shackles of debt.

Debt is Slavery
and 9 Other Things I Wish My Dad Had Taught Me About Money
Michael Mihalik
October Mist Publishing
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February 28, 2007
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