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John Rowe Townsend

John Rowe Townsend was born in Leeds, England. After earning an honors degree in English from Cambridge University, he worked as a reporter and editor for several newspapers before leaving to become a professional writer.

He has published more than twenty books and has received wide acclaim as a novelist; one of his books won an Edgar Award, six were chosen as ALA Notable Books, and three have been serialized for television. He lives in Cambridge, England.

Other Books by John Rowe Townsend
For Adults
Cranford Revisted
A Sounding of Storytellers
Written for Children

For Young Adults
Dan Alone
A Foreign Affair (also published as Kate and the Revolution)
Forest of the Night
The Golden Journey (also published as The Fortunate Isles)
Goodnight, Prof, Love
Hell's Edge
The Intruder
The Invaders
The Islanders
King Creature, Come (also published as The Creatures)
The Summer People
The Xanadu Manuscript (also published as The Visitors)

For Children
Good-bye to the Jungle
Gumble's Yard (also published as Trouble in the Jungle)
The Persuading Stick
Pirate's Island
Rob's Place
Tom Tiddler's Ground
Top of the World

As Editor
Modern Poetry
Trade & Plumb-Cake Forever, Huzza! (also published as John Newbery and His Books)

Noah's Castle - John Rowe Townsend

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